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CM Kingscrusher-YouTube lichess coach

CM Tryfon Gavriel

Learn how to crush kings the Kingscrusher way!

Location London, United Kingdom
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2170, 2413 2176 2184 2045 1921
Hourly rate 40 US dollars
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
Contact Send a private message

About me

Tryfon Gavriel, also known as "Kingscrusher" on the Internet. I am a FIDE Candidate Master (CM), British Regional Chess Master, and run a popular Youtube channel for many years with over 80k+ Subs as of 2017. I also do three weekly "Kingscrusher shows" on commercial servers:,, and These are on Tuesday evenings at 21:10 GMT, Friday at 9pm, and Sunday at 12.30pm respectively. I am also the Webmaster of the correspondence style chess server I also have some interactive training books at: and have a video course with GM Smirnov called "Crushing the King" here:
I have recently as of May 2017 got into Quora : trying to offer helpful answers to people on all aspects of chess including chess improvement.

Playing experience

Over 35 years of playing activity both online and offline. Peak ICC blitz rating of 2625 (18-Jun-1999). Peak ICC 5 min autopairing of 2383 (29-Jun 2012). ECF Grading peak classical: 212 (A) ECF. Peak Rapid rating: 217 (C). marathon top 10 finisher in 3 marathons so far. In the other two, top 50 finisher. Won quite a few tournaments at lichess - see my best results at:

One of my earliest Over-the-board achievements in Chess was winning the Lloyds Under 18 national UK tournament in 1989. My trophy was awarded to me by Grandmaster and PHD Mathematician Dr John Nunn.

Teaching experience

Currently doing shows on 3 commercial servers on a weekly basis and have several Lichess students on a regular basis.

Other experiences

Played twice in main British Chess championship. Many of my Youtube viewers claim big rating increases after watching my videos.

Best skills

I will try and give you greater enthusiasm for the game and in particular the dynamic aggressive aspects of playing chess. My favourite heros are Fischer, Kasparov and Tal. if you want to be a dynamic aggressive player, I may be able to encourage you and find you relevant resources on that path.

Teaching methodology

Golden rules : 1.Fun, 2.Instructive, 3.Revisable (I locally record the session to record the screen and audio and send you the file after so you can literally revise the session any time, and any number of times. Also making use of the "study" feature on lichess helps the analysis be reviewed after)
It is very helpful if you have Skype for immediate voice communication.

Whatever method, it is best if both you have a lot of fun and a bit of banter! Life is short! Also I can do a local recording of our training sessions and send you after for later review. As well as this we can use the excellent lichess "study" feature to store any annotations or analysis from your games, again for future reference.

Method #1 Examination of your games
One method is to go over your games, looking for your fundamental mistakes, trying to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We can go over say 2-3 of such games - preferable "classical" lichess games or your Over the board games, where one had time to think and so did the opponent. But if you really want to go over blitz games, that is fine too. In particular I would like to impart you with ideas of "trump cards", weaknesses of last move, "tradeoff theory", and other theoretical ideas I have discussed on my Youtube channel over the years, and how this relates to your current game play.

Method #2 - You play with kingscrusher! (see also Method #6)
You can play unrated against others with increment and we can discuss moves and strategies to try and get you thinking on potentially more effective concepts. I can send you local recording after as well. See also Method #6 in this regard.

Method #3 - You create a lichess "study" - or with me, and we annotate your games of interest or positions of interest. You then have a stored reference you can go back to later. Or if you prefer I can host the study, and give you the PGN later.

Method #4 - We go over puzzle positions together. Tactics are very important for any player to get good at as they basically win games. There is no point having great look positions if you can't convert them into wins via tactical means. I will try and reinforce the logical mechanics behind finding key combinations and what pointers and clues to give yourself to help find the crucial forcing moves. I see it that humans are fundamentally weak compared to say computers in tactics, and that we need to maximise our use of our human "trump cards" - particularly the "eye for combinations" and I will show you a spectrum of pointers to maximise this tactical intuition whist doing concrete puzzle exercices.

Method #5 Video annotation of your "studies"
If you create a "study" here on lichess with say 5 chapters where each game is a chapter, i can send you a video annotation at my same rate of US 40 Dollars per hour of video I send you. So say you pay me for 2 hours in advance, and I only send you a 40 minute file, then I still owe you 1 hour 20 of video annotation. So you can send another study later.

Method #6 (especially interesting if you are a twitch or youtuber!)
Play me for an hour and I will record the commentary locally to send you after!
You can have a benefit for promotion/marketing/training/instruction if you are a twitcher/youtuber - I can send you a file after of us playing for an hour, and you can use this file for your own youtube channel or twitch channel. was my first experience of this and he streamed the file after, and also kindly gave me permission for use on my own youtube channel.

Public studies

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  3. Game 2 12th Nov - Analysis
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Reddit : Precise move orders against the Caro-Kann 12 • CM Kingscrusher-YouTube •

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Youtube videos from my channel