Announcing the 2019 Antichess World Championship


It's on its way!

The 2019 Antichess World Championship (ACWC) is going to start on Monday 30th September! Last year, FM Vladica Andrejić (@arimakat) took the trophy home after a tense final match against @Ogul1. Will he keep the Antichess World Champion title, or will someone else take the crown? We'll find out soon...

If you're unfamiliar with Antichess, you can read the rules here:

If you'd like to join, please read the full tournament rules and then register through the ACWC website. Also keep an eye on the forum of the ACWC team for any announcements. A few key points about the tournament are listed below.

Format: the tournament consists of three stages: Qualification (a Swiss), Candidates (round-robin), and the Final. The winner of the Candidates gets to face Vladica in the Final.

Game details: 2+5, rated, played on Lichess.

Start date: Monday 30th September

Registration: open until Friday 27th September, 20:00 UTC.