Tactical awareness as an aide for advantage conversion and more


It is obvious that tactical awareness is important in conversion as presented by Tal, Fischer, Kasparov, to mention a few, when attacking. Such activity, pushing from start to bottom, is more dominant and practical in standard play. It can be referred to as Attactics.
On the other hand, on seemingly downbeat positions, it could also prove helpful, but may not be in the form of tactical attacking play but in preserving the position.

In my opinion, improving in standard is more stable and achievable than in quicker time controls. Many already have their methods for this, I believe. Therefore, this blog focuses on standard time controls.
Here I played the blunder 1...Kc3?? and white responded with 2.Rg3!= and the game ended in a draw.
Although there was slight time trouble, it was still my responsibility to convert the victory.

details to follow.