Wesley So

Vladimir Barskij, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Candidate for the most amazing chess move of the year (2022)

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The most IMMORTAL ICONIC move of the year || Wesley so vs Hrant || USA vs Armenia

Hi all

If you haven't seen Wesley So's masterpiece of a game, then here is a study I created for it:

The two-knights variation of the Caro-Kann defence

The opening variation was a favourite of Bobby Fischer. It has rarely been played in the Olympiad games so far - but this game is a treasure in the history of chess.

The iconic move - Question what would happen if dxe4?

Final position

Video annotation

Key takeaway points

  • Key soft spots around the King need to be checked for all sorts of forcing moves and variations
  • Recognize the "Diagonal of death" as a major points scorer - King's usually castled K-side and when white the a2-g8 diagonal is exceptionally interesting to analyze
  • The beauty of a chess game can sometimes also be behind the scenes with beautiful checkmate variations

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