10 Exercises of the Week #28

10 positions for you to solve and enjoy!

Hello Friends! Every week I select 10 positions ranging from easy to difficult across various themes like tactics, strategy, endgame, defence, etc. for you guys to solve and enjoy.

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Here are this week's 10 exercises for you -

1. How would Black win this endgame?

2. How would Black create a threat to win this game?

3. Find the best continuation for Black to win.

4. How would Black continue in this position?

5. How would White Continue?

6. Find the only way to Equalize this endgame.

7. Find the best continuation for White.

8. How would black continue?

9. Find the best continuation for Black.

10. How would White win this Endgame?

I hope you enjoyed solving this week's exercises!

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