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Long puzzles

hello welcome to my blog "Long Puzzles"

I Created a Endgame Puzzle its 5 moves+ So here is the link of the PUZZLE!

White to move and win

White to move and win

Black to move and win

Black to move and win

Black to move and draw

Puzzle 1 Tips:

  1. Protect Pawn on g2
  2. Weakness on a3


  1. Sacrifice
  2. Connected pawns
  3. Weakness
  4. Zugswang

Puzzle 2 Tips:

Nc3 check followed by Nxa2+
Trade 2 Knights 5 Pawns to win
Hanging Knight on g6


  1. Sacrifice
  2. In-between move
  3. Zugswang
  4. Rook Endgame

Puzzle 3 Tips:

  1. Weak pawn on d5
  2. The Knight on a1 is stuck
  3. White have weakness in g3
  4. The Knight and the Bishop are weak


  1. Outpost
  2. Zugswang Sacrifice
  3. Trianglation
  4. Passed pawn

Puzzle 4 Tips:

  1. Free Knight
  2. Bishop are Zugswang


  1. Zugswang

Puzzle 5 Tips:

No tips


  1. Trianglation

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Thanks For Reading!