Unity Team Championship January 10

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♟Sundays With Unity♟
January 10th, 2021
🏆Team Tournament🏆
🔵14:00 GMT🔵
🔷120 Minutes 🔷

💎3rd Unity Chess International Team Championship

💵 $600 Guaranteed Prizes

🎥 All players need to do Live Stream, enter to the Zoom or do Self Video Recording.
🔴Video camera needs to cover the full view of the screen and player body. 

Unity Chess main channel in Telegram:

🔷 All players are required to join the Unity Team, which has been formed on Lichess for this tournament.

🔷 All players must take part in the tournament with their official Lichess ID otherwise won’t be able to win the prizes.

🔷 Minimum 3 players needed to make a team.


1️⃣ Each team will have a captain who is responsible for the team. The captain will register the team and will be paid the prize, any claim can only be made by the captain of the team.

2️⃣ Each team has 5 players

3️⃣ Entry fee:
Africa, Asia, Latin America: $10 per team.
The rest: $20 per team.

4️⃣ Type: Arena; 3+0

5️⃣ Berserk allowed

6️⃣The average rating of top 3 players in each team will be the rating for that team and shows the category for the prizes. For example if the average rating of top 3 players is 1950, that means that team has a chance to win the prizes for 1600-1999 category.

7️⃣ For individual ratings, the maximum current FIDE rating of all three formats will pick.

8️⃣ All players in each team need to be from the same country or same Fide flag.

9️⃣ Unrated players will use their peak Lichess blitz rating minus 100.

🔟 Players compete individually, but at the end the sum of top 3 players of each team who got the most points will consider for the total points of that team.

🛑No more registration will get accepted one hour prior to the tournament!

⛔️One player cheated, the whole team going out from the winners list.


Unity Team Championship Jan 10 Arena3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 2hInner team