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Titled players blitz Tournaments TEAM

This is a new idea: Have titled player blitz tournaments weekly, only that you can join too, even if you are not a titled player, so you can get the experience and have fun!

In the forums, I will post all of the information, then you guys can vote for time controls, and dates. See you there!
Location: Lichess

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  1. Titled players Blitz Tournaments #1 Reti-Gambit


  2. Titled player toplists lishadowapps

    Example ( all online human titled players sorted by total number of games ):,WGM,IM,WIM,FM,WFM,CM,WCM,NM,WNM,LM&onlineonly=true&column0=total_games&col

  3. Titled player toplists lishadowapps

    You can check other titles in the checkboxes, then click on the resulting link. It is organized in this "url encoded" way, so that you can bookmark the link of your favorite toplist instead of having

  4. Titled players Blitz Tournaments #1 LM mysterious_expert

    and when? * Everyone in the team should post in this forum

  5. Titled player toplists LM mysterious_expert

    is this a leaderboard for bots?

  6. Titled player toplists lishadowapps

    You can read about the motivation of this thread in detail here: This page can generate custom lichess titled player topli

  7. Titled players Blitz Tournaments #1 Goke09


  8. Titled players Blitz Tournaments #1 LM mysterious_expert

    Hey guys! What time control do you guys want for the tourney?

  9. Titled players blitz Tournaments forum lichess

    Welcome to the Titled players blitz Tournaments forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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