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Three-Checks Club TEAM

This team aims to gather all three-checks enthusiasts in a friendly environment where they can discuss three-checks ideas, strategic concepts, tactics, and overall enjoy the beautiful game that is three-checks. Three-checks960 discussion is encouraged. Also, this team will serve as a site for all three-checks news, including new three-checks videos, books, tournaments, etc.
Location: MN's Mindscape

Forum (5)

  1. Game Analysis study Musicknight123

  2. Three-Checks Tournament #1 FischyVishy

    It's the type of madness that's good for you :).

  3. Three-Checks Tournament #1 int666

    Six hours of Hyper-Three-Check is madness. But I like it.

  4. Three-Checks Tournament #1 FischyVishy

    At long last, the first three-checks prize tournament will take place here on lichess: Hope to see you all there, and above all, have fun!

  5. Three-Checks Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the Three-Checks Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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