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The "london" Fans TEAM

Only for real "london" lovers
Location: london

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  1. ارش karim1351

    سلام علیکم

  2. Please Delete FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    Why the hate on the London by default, lol

  3. Team FunnyAnimatorJimTV


  4. Team FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    Copied my team which has 700K points, lol

  5. London Fans jiesen

    no. I knew the guy... played against BF in the 1950's.

  6. London Fans Akshi1102

    Is this a joke?

  7. Please Delete NM DragonMaterz

    Propaganda and fake news is not allowed on

  8. London Fans jiesen

    Anyone here play Alex London of La Jolla? He has a winning score against Bobby Fischer (one of just a few people in the world).

  9. The "london" Fans forum InfNero

    When I joined this club I started to like men

  10. london. SlicingBishop2006

    I love both London the city, when I went there it was phenomenal, and the opening.

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