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(the cool kid club) also the friend zone TEAM

For play and to learn and have fun try new things and explore on lichess

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  1. Beep Beep I'm sheep say it AGAIN buffthebest

    Say beep beep I'm sheep say beep beep I'm Sheep

  2. Welcome to 2019 buffthebest

    Hi, I have now just updated this, but welcome to my team. Feel free to compete and message me if you want any changes.

  3. hello buffthebest

    do not be mean and have fun and have a great time

  4. hello it me buffthebest

    hello it me and I am the leader and I can kick you so watch out also I think I can give you a rank maybe

  5. compete buffthebest

    In this I will make some tournaments that are private then I will tell you the password so we can compete to see who is the best

  6. fun buffthebest

    play in my or other tournaments to have fun and simul to make it fun

  7. (the cool kid club) also the friend zone forum lichess

    Welcome to the (the cool kid club) also the friend zone forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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