The Chessable Casual Tournament Group

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A group for playing casual tournaments in a friendly environment here on Lichess.


Saturday Blitz II Arena3+0 • Blitz • Casual • 1hInner team
The Chessable CTG Arena5+5 • Rapid • Casual • 1hInner team
Saturday Blitz I Arena3+0 • Blitz • Casual • 1hInner team
The Chessable CTG Arena3+0 • Blitz • Casual • 1h 30mInner team


Saturday Blitz Tournyspieceofpecanpie •

I'm going to have a crack at one of your 4am bangers, but if you could make a later one in the future that'd help me out.

5 + 5 Rapid TourneyMysupersecretaccount •

Good stuff - I'll be there if I can be - 5/5 is a much better time control than 3 in my opinion as it allows a little time for a bit more thought. (still like 3 mins though, but much the more time the

5 + 5 Rapid Tourneypieceofpecanpie •

Thanks for being a good sport. I'm disappointed, but more is definitely on the cards.

5 + 5 Rapid TourneyMysupersecretaccount •

Wasn't a flop, Pops - I enjoyed myself.

Saturday Blitz TournysSmithyQ •

I'm tentatively scheduling the next Saturday tourny at the same time. I just realized that this is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so I cannot move t

5 + 5 Rapid Tourneypieceofpecanpie •

I think this one's a flop unfortunately. Got a 3 player tourney, although I unfortunately appear to be the only one ready to go. So I'm afraid to say there may not end up being any games played.

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