Telangana State Online Chess Tour U10, U14, U18 - 15/8/2020

Telangana State Online Chess Tournament U10, U14, U18 - 15/Aug/2020, Saturday
Independence Day Chess Championship (Boys & Girls)

Tournament Start Time: 11 AM
Total Rounds: 5
Time Control: 30 Min + 5 Sec
Break Time: 5Min
Registration through:
Registrations will be closed by 14th Aug 2020 at 10 PM

Under 10: Those who born on or after 01-01-2010
Under 14: Those who born on or after 01-01-2006
Under 18: Those who born on or after 01-01-2002

Steps to follow:
- Register through Chess Telangana Website :
- Provide correct Lichess ID in TSCA registration form, else your request will not be accepted in the Lichess tournament or to Join the game.
- Click the Lichess Tournament Link and Join the Tournament. You need to solve Mate in One puzzle and Click Join.
- Once your request is accepted you need to click the tournament link to join and check whether your name is shown in the appropriate tournament.
- After each round of the game you should click the BACK TO TOURNAMENT button.
- Organisers reserve the right to reject any entry without giving any reason
- Tournament authorities are not responsible if a player loses the game in case of poor network connection, power-cut, not joining the game on time or any technical issues at players device.
- If the Player is found using external help or engine, he/she will NOT be considered Eligible for the Enumeration Prizes and has the RIGHT TO BLOCK and at the same time ensure that they remain Neutral.
- Main Final Organisation Results to be announced after examining the Anti-Chess Verification Report.
- A player is eligible for only one prize.

Arbiter: Chandra Mouli
Contact: 7013899328

Organised By :

K S Prasad,
General Secretary,
Telangana State Chess Association
Ph : 7337578899
Location: Hyderabad