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4 members

Team Dude_Perfect TEAM

Tournament points: 1,104

Team leader: Dude_Perfect

Best players

  1. BeastModeUnknown
  2. TheAnonymousOne
  3. Dude_Perfect
  4. CJErvin

Recent members

This is for people who like chess. Everyone is invited. This team is to perfect your own style, and become the best player.
Location: International

Forum (4)

  1. dude in here? janosopeligroso

    i Heard about a dude he played so good chess his head exploded. He was called dude,.

  2. dude in here? janosopeligroso

    is there any dude in here?

  3. DUDE janosopeligroso

    Whats the dudezt movez you know?

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