Super Fighters Chess Club B

42 members
East or West Super Fighter Is the best
SFCC is the Kalutara District Chess Club. Founded in 2017, the SFCC is affiliated to Kalutara District Chess Association, , the kalutara body for chess.Currently, SFCC is among the top 3 active Chess Club in Kalutara.mainly focused on developing chess.
we are trying to make the chess field a friendlier one. Hand in hand. We work as a family, as brothers and sisters work together. Sharing, caring and enjoying the game. Though we separately achieve victory we achieve our goals as family and as a unit. Join our family. Learn the game of love. Live the game of Chess.


Lucky Team Battle1+1 • Bullet • Rated • 20m2 teams battle
Battle of Rich Minds -Crazy 2 Team Battle2+1 • Crazyhouse • Rated • 1h 30m8 teams battle
Battle of Rich Minds - Blitz 2 Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 30m8 teams battle
Arch Bishops Championship B Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 50m9 teams battle
1st Rahula Chess Championship1 Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 2h8 teams battle