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A group of chess students, trying to improve their game via rapid/Classical-games with follow-up analysis together.

Feel free to post your analysis in the forum to help other improve or learn from your mistakes too. That way we all can leanr from each other and avoid making the same mistake as collegues.

If you analysed something together, feel free to post a link to the Study in the forum and add a quick take home message to it..

for example:

"Gamelink between a and b.
Playing b3 in the Grand prix Attack is not a good idea for white"

Thank you :)
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JustMarriedEnsemo •

Congratulations Mr Jakob , i hope for you two a long happy married life with all the love and prosperity !

JustMarriedJackobG •

I started today with my first stream as a married man and my wife joined me for a short time. Tomorrow there will be another stream tomorrow for all of you at 12pm German Time. Hope you will all jo

JustMarriedJackobG •

I recently got married to my beautiful wife on the 28th at 10am. So you might noticed that I wasn't around for quite some time. But now I am back up on track and happy to play with you on or off m

Game AnalysisJackobG •

A nice game, featuring a real queen sacrifice for (in my opinion) ample compensation :) But tell me yourself. Lesson: never underestimate pawns in e

Game AnalysisJackobG •

Here we have a really nice Game, which was decided with the ladies... with my active Queen and his... lost queen... Also featuring a Sacrifice that might be in Tal's Style ;-) https://lichess.or

Improve your MiddelgameJackobG • Igor Nikolayev vs Eric Luce "Let There be Light" (game of the day Feb-22-2020) RCC Saturday Open (2010), Rochester, NY, rd 3, Feb-27 French D

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