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Singapore Chess Players TEAM

Open to all chess players and enthusiasts of all ratings in Singapore.
Location: Singapore

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  1. nicholoh

    Hello, I'm a player from SG. However, I'm studying overseas full-time and will only be back in SG from late Nov to late Feb.

  2. KnightC

    Hi all, we welcome you all to join this group. Set up to link Tanglin club players with fellow Sg chess players for online chess. tks. Pls contact KK Chong for more info. (

  3. HI GUYS ForceLightning

    I'm turning 17 this year, glad to see some activity in this group :)

  4. HI GUYS Purifish

    Hello. I will be 19 this year.

  5. HI GUYS CM nwiluex

    Hey how old are you guys?

  6. HI GUYS Thamed

    hello! :)

  7. HI GUYS jsstrn

    Hi! Nice to meet you, too! Do you play at chess tournaments hosted by SCF often? I usually play online, haven't played a OTB tournament in years.

  8. HI GUYS CM nwiluex

    supp guys im from sg. nice to meet y'all. Anyone knows scf?

  9. Singapore Chess Players forum spacepants

    Singapore chess scene is very dull. We need more tournaments! Lets meet up OTB.

  10. Singapore Chess Players forum lichess

    Welcome to the Singapore Chess Players forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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