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63 members

Scratch Lichess Team TEAM

This is a team for Lichess users who are on! Chess is a wonderful thing!

If you are part of Scratch and are interested in joining, please submit a request as well as your Scratch profile!
If you aren't part of Scratch, unfortunately you won't be able to join this group. You're not missing anything major or anything; this is just meant to be a small group of those who are on Scratch and also lichess. :)
Location: Lichess

Forum (26)

  1. HI evreyone crazyscientist2

    Thanks fagtv forinviting me here. I like this club a lot.

  2. I'm not very good at chess. Is there any way to get better? FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    @Chess_Blob Hi! Here are some basic tips: First thing is that you should understand the basic opening ideas: 1.Control of the center is most important 2.Developing your pieces to active squares

  3. I'm not very good at chess. Is there any way to get better? Chess_Blob

    I haven't won a chess match for nearly a year, now. I would like to become a better player in the area of executing strategies and reading opponents' moves. Would anybody be willing to help me out?

  4. @ArnoHu's amazing blitz project! FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    Hey Scratchers! @ArnoHu on Scratch (same name on lichess) just created this online chess player on Scratch- two people can play against each other over the cloud! He's planning on adding a lot more to

  5. Tournament Hiprainbow10


  6. Tournament schittering06

    I'am going to start a tournament. Iff you want to join here you can:

  7. I AM A NUUB! schittering06

    I'am too. Do you want to play a game sometime, so I finally can play a fair game.

  8. I AM A NUUB! cool101games

    Can u halp me get better!

  9. How is everyone doing? nidav000


  10. Hello everyone! Brainstorming ideas for Scratch game that's chess-related CheckingBall

    Oh Hi

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