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This is a team for Lichess users who are on! Chess is a wonderful thing!

If you are part of Scratch and are interested in joining, please submit a request as well as your Scratch profile (so we know you're a Scratcher!)
If you aren't part of Scratch, unfortunately you won't be able to join this group. You're not missing anything major or anything; this is just meant to be a small group of those who are on Scratch and also on lichess. :)
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Post your usernames here!harshab •

Wait lol i changed it to -oleariia but i got banned :(

Post your usernames here!RiotandCarngeISVenom •


Invitation Christmas Chess Tournament by Cologne Chess Club Dr. Lasker 15 min gamesSamueldora •

Today I saw the announcement of the tournament above. Open for everyone on Lichess! Start: 22.12.2020 19:00 h CET Duration: 3 hours I will take part a

Post your usernames here!harshab •

Hi guys! Post your usernames on scratch here! This is mine! lazy_Muffin

Scratch Chess EngineSamueldora •

Hi Loev06, I tried your turbowarp v3 against Bonsai Chess (Level yellow belt): [Event "Scratch"] [Site "Lichess"] [Date "2020.11.04"] [Round ""] [White "Bonsai (gelb)"] [Black "TurboWarp V3

Scratch Chess EngineLoev06 •

I'm currently working on a chess engine in Scratch. I have tried this two times before (they kind of worked, but the code was pretty messy). Now I'm working on the third version, and I hope third time

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