Save Vertonghen!

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This is a team to save @Vertonghen from all people that shadow ban him in the forum for no reason. If you want to join, ask @Vertonghen and me. If you're allowed, then send a request and I will let you in. He denies it, and you can't come in. So if for example @TitanChess07 wants to join and Vertonghen lets him, he sends the request and shortly joins. But if it were @p-wnattack, Vertonghen wouldn't let him, so he cannot join, even if he sends a request.

Let's save Vertonghen!
Location: Anywhere (As long as you want to save @Vertonghen)


Welcome To The Save Vertonghen Team Forum!DrSmall •

The place where we will discuss comments, jokes, team battles, tournaments and more! Let's all have the best time while trying to save @Vertonghen! Sincerely, DrSmall

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