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TARIKH PERTANDINGAN : Team Battle ( April 24, 2020) 9:30pm -10.30pm

There shall be four teams in this friendly competition. The purpose is to promote chess and in these times , online chess as a viable alternative to the conventional methods of chess competitions.

[Each team shall comprise a maximum of 21 players.]

The teams will be PCA 1, PCA 2, Team Sabah and Team MCF and friends.
Time control : 5 minutes each. Players may use the Berserk option .

(If you click on the Berserk button, your time will be cut to half but you will be awarded 1 extra point if you win the game).

Pairing system : Arena (Not Swiss System)
(It is possible that a player plays the same opponent more than once )
No. of Rounds : Not specified. The player plays as many games as possible within 1 hour.
Scoring : Win - 2 points; Lose - 0 point; Win(Berserk) - 3 points; 3rd consecutive Win - 4 points; 3rd consecutive Win (Berserk) - 5 points.
Only the points from the best 10 performers/ players from each team will count in the overall team result.
We do not encourage complaints but urge all players to play in the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship , to foster good relations in our chess family and to promote the love for chess.
Each team shall have a team leader. Complaints and concerns may be related through the team leader
Cheating and the use of engines is strongly discouraged. Cheaters will be disqualified.

The organiser's decision is final
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah