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SA Midtown West - Official TEAM

This is the official page for Success Academy Midtown West's chess players.

Important information about tournaments for the traveling team may be posted here.
Location: Success Academy Midtown West

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  1. login information Nightro_G

    Hi chess friends! As we touched on in chess club today, we have a shared account for, that has all the supporter features of this website. You are welcome to use it, in particular, to

  2. NEST+m Tournament - February 3rd Nightro_G

    For chess team members only-- This is a list of the participants at the tournament this Sunday at NEST+m. This school is in lower Man

  3. Hunter Tournament - January 13th Nightro_G

    For chess team members only -- Here is a link to the current registration list for this weekend's tournament. Again, check which section you're in and get a feel for who your opponents will be.

  4. PS 6 Tournament - December 9th Nightro_G

    Hello tournament players! Note that this only applies to the 22 scholars who travel to tournaments from Midtown West. This a reminder that you are registered for the tournament on Sunday, Decemb

  5. Avenues Tournament - December 2nd Nightro_G

    Hi everyone! Here is the list of players in Sunday's tournament at the Avenues school. Hudson Yards will also attend. See you at t

  6. PS 6 Tournament - November 4th Nightro_G

    Hi everyone! Rating results are in. Some of you made HUGE rating progress from the tournament this weekend. Check out the list at this link.

  7. PS 6 Tournament - November 4th Nightro_G

    Hi everyone, Here's a list of all the participants in this weekend's tournament. Happy Halloween! -- Mr. Campbell

  8. Hunter Tournament - October 21st Nightro_G These are the current registrants for the tournament on Sunday. You can look up who else is in your section in advance. -- Mr. Campbell

  9. SA Midtown West - Official forum Cyclops_2006


  10. SA Midtown West - Official forum lichess

    Welcome to the SA Midtown West - Official forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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