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Round Robin Crazyhouse Tournaments TEAM

We arrange strong crazyhouse tournaments on (mostly) round robin format. Join our team and play in next tournaments!

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  1. "Seirawan Chess" tournament katakamata

    What about a "Seirawan Chess" tournament? I'm looking for opponents to try it. We can play on hellochess.

  2. Suggestions for the next tournament and for group in general katakamata

    One idea is "Crazyhouse World Cup" : Players will be separated into groups of four according to their rating/countries and then we proceed as the NBA Playoffs (8 players, 4 win advance to next round)

  3. Suggestions for the next tournament and for group in general PawnInTraining

    I thought I'd create a separate thread for suggestions. One of my suggestions is that I think it'd be a good idea for members of the group to follow each other. I think it would make it easier to sche

  4. Ideas for 3rd Tournament katakamata

    Hello, friends. I'm convinced that a Round Robin tournament with a bunch of players is hard to organise online. I think it's better to make it a cup format like UEFA Champions League. We can sepa

  5. 2nd Tournament Starts! ciw

    ciw kata 1 0 again, pretty unclean game, clock helped me a lot

  6. 2nd Tournament Starts! katakamata

    Guys, here we also have a tournament book. Everybody feel free to join in writing. Genuine experiences and thoughts are better than engines, imo.. We can create a all-games-of the tournament-analyzed-

  7. 2nd Tournament Starts! katakamata

    oh, no problem. you were already my favourite player at that level, as I know how you take the game seriously. now it's time to show them:) ok then, see you on monday. the guys here are almost all

  8. 2nd Tournament Starts! chriswsh

    Hello, everyone. I'm excited to participate and haven't forgotten. (Thx for the reminder message, @katakamata :-) I'm finishing up prep for my WCC match against xuanet tomorrow (rescheduled for an

  9. 2nd Tournament Starts! katakamata

    Here's an early leaderboard: 1. Flourish 3/3 (he's won 2-0 against beardo) 2-3. I0euros 2/2 2-3. ciw 2/2 4. katakamata 2/3 5. beardedrainbow 2/5 6. chriswsh 0/0 7. jbegis 0/3 8. PawnInT

  10. 2nd Tournament Starts! I0euros

    I0euros-jbegis 1-0 jbegis-I0euros 1-0, I'll try to analyse the games later. Feel free to comment on the games. Jbegis I beli

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