Roblox in Lichess

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Please join this team if you play Roblox or Lichess, Just play for fun.😊😊😊
This team target is to reach 50 members for now so help the team to reach it.
πŸ’  Thanks for joining all players
πŸ’  Please share this team to see some improvement and to be a team leader.
πŸ’  If you want to be a team leader brings 3 and above the player to this team and PM
@Pemain_Catur_Roblox or just PM the team leaders.
πŸ’  If you want to play Roblox with the team leaders just PM them.
πŸ’  Please tell your Roblox username at the forum. (if you have).
πŸ’  If you want to post anything just post in the team forum.
πŸ’  Every +10 players we will have a celebration.
πŸ’  Team creator : @Pemain_Catur_Roblox
πŸ’  Date created : 14/2/2021
πŸ’  Location : Lichess


40 players celebration Arena5+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Rated β€’ 1h 30mInner team
R.I.L vs M.W Team Battle5+0 β€’ Blitz β€’ Rated β€’ 1h 10m2 teams battle
R.S.C Arena2+1 β€’ Bullet β€’ Rated β€’ 1hInner team


Why all forum topic in this team archived?Cyberistic_Ninja β€’

I don't understand. Why all forum topic in this team archived?

Robux CodeUmarZharfan β€’


Robux CodeYKALchess β€’

@Cyberistic_Ninja then you will see a box that says robux code

Robux CodeCyberistic_Ninja β€’

Link pls.

Robux CodeCyberistic_Ninja β€’

And then?

Robux CodeYKALchess β€’

@Cyberistic_Ninja press the robux soymbol

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