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  1. Constricting the opponent - Game Analysis NiSn

    Oh wow... after looking over with a computer... how did I miss so many moves.

  2. Constricting the opponent - Game Analysis NiSn

    This is a game I played recently where I did a decent job shutting out all my opponent's chance for play, holding a nice space advantage myself. In the analysis I've analyzed a LOT of places where I c

  3. Study with us! Topper2676 Here's the first game that NiSn, qed, and I have studied a little bit so far. If you'd like to join, don't hesitate and add some comments. To add ano

  4. Study with us! Topper2676

    This will be a forum for studying games. The games can either be played by us, or they can be games that you'd like to study from someone else (GM, IM, tournament).

  5. Discord Group Chat Topper2676 Try this one. Sorry, I should have set it to never expire.

  6. Discord Group Chat NiSn

    That URL isn't working for me, anyone else getting the same issue?

  7. Discord Group Chat Topper2676

    Here is the group chat on Discord for all of us. It'd be nice to have most of us join that to make communication a little bit easier.

  8. /r/chess group forum lichess

    Welcome to the /r/chess group forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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