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Racing Kings Team TEAM

A team who has goal to reunite the best racing kings players in order to have more tournaments to play together. Feel free to send your request.
Location: Lichess

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  1. I am superior Grainiac

    Kneel before your Racing King!

  2. Revival of RK chesslo21 Join here to make the Racing Kings community outstanding! Catch me if u can here!

  3. Revival of RK chesslo21

    As with @FalconPower, I would like to create a RK Revival 6 on Saturday 10 AM, with that one being (infamously) known for speedy rating gainers. Also where I call myself the Flash.

  4. Revival of RK FalconPower

    Hey everyone, After three awesome Revival of RK arenas, we would like to invite you the fourth and the fifth one. I hope that you will join in big number, so we convinced the moderators that racing

  5. join here for revival of racing kings 2 chesslo21

  6. Lets play some RK group! chesslo21

    Yes me :)

  7. Lets play some RK group! FalconPower

    Hey everyone, Is anyone interested to play racing kings now? I will do only if people shows up.

  8. New players that artificially create other accounts pablito1970

    No worry about it if you really enjoy playing no matter points or rating just fun

  9. New players that artificially create other accounts FalconPower

    Today, two players got banned for this reason. I won't say their name, in order not to get banned for public shamming. I will give you a hint. One of them got up to a 2600 rating in racing kings by pl

  10. New players that artificially create other accounts chesslo21

    @risky-chess Not Really... Some rating boosters can be more resourceful and create new accounts once they are banned or before they are banned. They can proclaim perfect games to be "Their well-played

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