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Chess is like a sea, Don't think chess is very easy. Chess have many opportunities and don't under estimate any of your opponent
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  1. HI everyone Astonestar22

    hi team members what happend i and nethra posted some news about chess and suddenly no one is responding why why why why why why

  2. CHESS princy16

    So everybody must compalsary get a good result from our team. So, let's form some ideas.

  3. Today princy16

    Ashmitha I got you don't reveal my name out. Plz Ashmitha.

  4. About our team? Astonestar22

    u know me nethra just guess

  5. About our team? princy16

    Who are you Harmony

  6. todays inspiration Astonestar22

    la la la

  7. todays inspiration Harmony22

    i hope u like it

  8. todays inspiration Harmony22

    If ur not big to lose then ur not big enough to win

  9. RACE TEAM forum lichess

    Welcome to the RACE TEAM forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.