PNWCC Bullet Team World Cup 2020


This team is for the PNWCC Bullet Team World Cup 2020.

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The PNWCC Bullet Team World cup is a multiple team knockout tournament like the FIFA World Cup - 11 players from each team play 90-min bullet (1+1) arena and the winning team advances to the next stage. If tied, a 30-min extratime bullet arena will play. $50/team unless the team average FIDE ELo is over 2500 (“Super Team”). World Cup Champion team gets $1,100, second place gets $550 and third place team gets $275. Each team captain decides on how to distribute their own prize independently.

PNWCC will create a lichess team with only the registered players. Captain of the team will be assigned permission to manage the team.

  1. For stage one, if we have more than 16 teams, all teams will be in one 90-min 1+1 team battle (players will only play players from other teams), and the best 16 teams (based on total points earned by the players from the same team) advance. Each team can have only 11 players.
  2. Starting stage 2, a 90-min bullet (1+1) area will be organized between two teams based on Swiss Pairing on the match day.
  3. Berserk and arena streaks will be turned on for all matches