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mysterious_expert's fan club TEAM

join my fan club for fun!!!!!!!!!!
Location: lichess

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  1. Team challenges Geert1302

    will do so one of these days

  2. Team challenges LM mysterious_expert

    no but you can create a forum if you want and tell people a new idea.

  3. Team challenges Geert1302

    Are there any challenges against other teams or stuff like that ?

  4. Team LM mysterious_expert

    Anyway here is my other team which is gonna rock probably if people knew it

  5. Team LM mysterious_expert


  6. Team Bro1567366

    hi sup

  7. Team LM mysterious_expert

    how do I get more people? I don't want to do it the way Lance does because he kind of forces them.

  8. mysterious_expert's fan club forum lichess

    Welcome to the mysterious_expert's fan club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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