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58 members

Mutual Berserkers Team TEAM

Everyone in this team is obligated to zerk back any other player in this team in tournaments. Failure to do so can be reported and will result in expulsion from the team.
Location: Antarctica

Forum (6)

  1. Poker_Anarchy doesn't berserk back BerserkForItsOwnSake

  2. Mutual Berserkers Team forum AREA11

    Yeah, good idea. I think it would be cool just in general for all teams to be able to see fellow members, actually.

  3. Mutual Berserkers Team forum Grevozin

    I think it's possible to create a userscript that'll fetch page like when you're paired in a tournament and display such an icon if your oppone

  4. Mutual Berserkers Team forum GM penguingim1

    was thinking about it, if we had some kind of team icon to identify other members it would be cool

  5. Mutual Berserkers Team forum GM penguingim1

    well this prob won't actually work

  6. Mutual Berserkers Team forum lichess

    Welcome to the Mutual Berserkers Team forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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