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Lichess team for Muswell Hill chess club past and present members.
Location: London


Muswell Hill Casual Blitz v25+5 • Rapid • Casual4 rounds swiss
Muswell Hill Casual Blitz5+5 • Rapid • Casual5 rounds swiss
Valentines15+15 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
Muswell Hill Classic Tourney15+15 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss
Boxing Day Blitz3+2 • Blitz • Casual3 rounds swiss


Monday streamers battleCM Kingscrusher-YouTube •

Hi Guys 8pm tonight if you can play You may need to join my team first: And then you can join the team tournament for Kingscru

Monday streamers battleCM Kingscrusher-YouTube •

Hi Guys If you are free on the coming Monday I hope you can support my Kingscrusher team in this battle: Cheers, Tryfon

Streamer battle later tonightCM Kingscrusher-YouTube •

Hi Guys I have a streamer battle later - if you have time, please do join the Kingscrusher team : Cheers, Tryfon

Phil SimulJoel729 •

Here's a link to Phil's simul for tomorrow, there's still time to enter!

Phil SimulDayvanCowboy •

Thanks, Joel. It will begin at 10am and should take around two hours. You'll have 15 minutes plus a 15 second increment and I'll have something like 65 minutes.

Phil SimulJoel729 •

Phil Makepeace will be giving a Simul on the morning of 13 June - please register your interest by replying here or messaging Phil directly. (Phil, feel free to add start time and any other details h

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