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Music lovers TEAM

The name explains almost everything ;) . Feel free to share your taste. Classical, punk, rock, rap, whatever, you name it! No hating please.
Discussions are welcome!

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  1. New version of ´´Sarabande´´ azuaga you like this song ?

  2. catchy melody azuaga

    What do you think of this group of music called Koyote, is it difficult to stop listening to this group?

  3. New book release: Music and Chess. Apollo meets Caissa elothiras It has long been recognized that there are only three major areas of human endeavor which produce prodigies: music, c

  4. Betty Davis faidonp

  5. Django Reinhardt oxymoron21st

    I don't have to add, a very underrated musician. Due to his handicap.Django developed his own playing style. You can surely name him on of the founding fathers of European Jazz.

  6. Django Reinhardt oxymoron21st

    Very underrated music. Used in one of my favourite coputer games. Very catchy. Also Sergio Corbucci named his movie like this guy.

  7. A rare case of musician oxymoron21st

    Ha!. Nice :D

  8. Friends Amc-AntonPg

    I love to chat with other players in Inbox so please if anybody interested in talking with me add me to your friends please Kind regards Anton

  9. A rare case of musician Stivis

  10. It's been a while oxymoron21st

    Some different style,one of my favourite deep house producers/remixers

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