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Month of Berserk TEAM


It's the Way of Berserk... but on a larger scale!

Hello everyone, starting on July 1 there will be an awesome event created by me, the Month of Berserk!

It lasts from July 1 to August 1. The challenge: In that period of time, play 500 tournament games (rated or casual) and berserk them all!

Initially I had thought of this as a challenge to myself, but it would be much more fun if others could participate as well and get recognition for it!

So the rules are these:

1. Join this team. You will be added to a list of Berserkers.
2. Starting on July 1, play tournament games, casual or rated, any time control (except time controls with 0 initial time) and berserk them.
3. If you fail to berserk a single tournament game, you fail. You need to berserk all of them.
4. Play 500 games until the end of the event on August 1.
5. You can play Standard, a variant, or whatever mix of variants/Standard suits you!
6. Play with a single account. If you use two accounts in this event only 1 of them will be considered.
7. Don't break any rule in the Lichess Terms of Service, or you will get reported and disqualified.
8. No shared alts are allowed!

As this is not an official Lichess event, there will be no Lichess trophies for this, unless Lichess developers notice this and decide on their own to create some. However I will create a "Month of Berserk Survivor" badge that winners of this event can put in their profile bio.

And most importantly, have fun berserking!
Location: Lichess

Forum (22)

  1. The Berserkers BerserkingEveryGame


  2. The Berserkers Radioactive7

    shoot im too late. am i too late tho? it is exactly july 1st. so is it possible for me to join?

  3. The Berserkers savagechess2k

    Add me too! edit: we can play non-tournament games, right?

  4. The Berserkers AcademicNinja99

    AcademicNinja99 - 0 games GBA87 - 0 games Trxps - 0 games mzninja66 - 0 games BlindfoldNinja - 0 games JuniorZerks1 - 0 games thekid456 - 0 games Chess-Guy123 - 0 games DaviatorYT - 0 games b

  5. Question AcademicNinja99

    @GBA87 You need to be careful not to play in those tournaments... I specifically mentioned that you can't play time controls with 0 initial time, precisely for the reason that you can't berserk th

  6. Question GBA87

    One more question @AcademicNinja99. What it I am in a 0+1 tournament and beserk is impossible?

  7. Post Questions Here AcademicNinja99

    Have any questions? Ask them here :)

  8. Question AcademicNinja99

    If you would read the team description carefully you would know :P July 1st.

  9. Question GBA87

    And @AcademicNinja99 when does this start?

  10. Question AcademicNinja99

    Wow, 12 members already? I didn't expect I'd get this number overnight, I didn't even tell anyone about it XD Thanks everyone! @GBA87 Yes you need to berserk every game!

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