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Middlegame Study Club TEAM

This club will work together to create studies based on middlegame positions from master games or our own games. Details to appear in a forum post.

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  1. Middlegame Study Club forum FM knightprince

    I am very busy these days, I can't be the OP, I am very sorry :(

  2. Notifications for the study swervestray

    @knightprince I tried another move on position 6!

  3. Position #6 is here! FM knightprince

    It is from my 15 mins game 2 days ago, Find a good plan (try to find what I found in my game!) :

  4. Position #5 FM knightprince

    Think strategically! From a very great game:

  5. Position #4 FM knightprince

    Simple position:

  6. Notifications for the study FM knightprince

    @the_loving_boy : make your decision and write the ideas in position #3

  7. Notifications for the study FM knightprince

    For example: @the_loving_boy: Make your move in position #2

  8. Notifications for the study FM knightprince

    To every member: This topic-area will be used by any one of the members for notifying another member regarding: 1) Response for an issue/some details 2) Reminding something 3) For now only the abo

  9. Position #3 is out! FM knightprince

    Here's the link for position#3: 1) For those who are not done with either or one of the previous positions, must do them first! 2) Add another chapter for your inp

  10. Middlegame Study Club forum FM knightprince

    Position #2 has come! It is recommended that #1 should be finished before #2

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