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5 members


Tournament points: 16,847

Team leader: game_spectator

Best players

  1. game_spectator
  2. Gymhgy
  3. Jacob531
  4. acgusta2

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The group is for those who did a mate by knights only.

That is:

1. You had only knights (your king is permitted too, if it is impossible to get position without king; note, that in horde games white do not have a king at all)
2. You made a mate to your opponent
3. Your opponent did not have pawns or pieces that prevented his king to move and so help you to mate him.

An example of such a mate:

To join the group make a join request and include a link to your game in the request. Then I shall look at your game and confirm your request. (Alternatively, you may make personal message to me with link to your game.)

If you still not made a mate by knights only, but want to make such a mate, then play with low level Stockfish AI on lichess and mate it with knights only. If your opponent does not cooperate with you, then 2 knights is not enough to made a mate by knights only. So, generally, you should promote one or more pawn(s) into knights.

Additional resource:

Group history:

2017.11.25 Gymhgy joined the group due to the game

2017.10.22 Jacob531 joined the group due to the game

2017.07.07 NeoFromTheMatrix joined the group due to the game

2016.03.19 the group is created

Location: Knights!

Forum (2)

  1. Examples of mates Jacob531

    Here's a good one: @game_spectator

  2. Examples of mates game_spectator

    It is possible to mate by knights only in crazyhouse (but I have no such a mate against a real person, only against Stockfish): See also

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