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Luciano_the_best TEAM

Team for chess lovers. A place where you can post anything chess-related - post your best games, discuss about chess and much more!

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  1. luciano_the_best is the best! Luciano_the_best


  2. your favourite chess players on Alihene are my favourite ultrabullet players

  3. your favourite chess players on Alihene

    here you can put your favorite chess players on @penguingim1, @opperwezen, @BitChess, @ProgramFOX, @rock303-blindfold, @Olgaandrew, @lichess with 97,000 imported games and @chess-networ

  4. luciano_the_best is the best! Francesco_Super


  5. luciano_the_best is the best! Alihene


  6. Owen Defence study Luciano_the_best

    Hello everyone, I've made a new study about the Owen Defence. If you are interested you can take a look at it, and if you like it please press the heart button :)). I'm going to play this opening quit

  7. My youtube channel Luciano_the_best

    Hi guys. I didn't upload videos lately. I'll probably upload one tomorrow if I can.

  8. My youtube channel Nazar1005 it is my chanel

  9. My youtube channel Luciano_the_best

    Hello guys, I would appreciate if you would subscribe to my new youtube channel where I post games I play here on Sorry for th

  10. Your best game RomanAr2006

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