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Lichess Olympiad TEAM

Single Elimination group stage. Then top team from each group advances to finals to play for Gold medal and Silver medal. Bronze medal match between 2nd place teams from each group.
1. Be respectful
2. No engine use or having another player help you
3. Your opponent and you choose whether to play rated or unrated
4. If you dont finish/report score by deadline, both of sides will be disqualified
5. You and your opponent arrange your game time before deadline
There will be team (by country) and individual standings
Check the Standings and pairings here!
Dont know the match format? check it out here:
Submit your Lichess Olympiad game result here:
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Forum (148)

  1. what sethtristan

    when is the Lichess Olympiad am i part?? how does this work

  2. LICHESS OLYMPIAD v2!!!! #Revived ya_boy_Agent

    STRONG PLAYERS SUCH AS LM LANCE have already joined :)

  3. LICHESS OLYMPIAD v2!!!! #Revived ya_boy_Agent

    NOTE: the time control is now 3+1 rather than 15+10

  4. LICHESS OLYMPIAD v2!!!! #Revived ya_boy_Agent

    All information can be found here: Hope you guys consider joining :) Thanks!

  5. it over? GCEDW2001

    Are we done?

  6. it over? ChessSzogun

    Can we start round 2?

  7. it over? duropo

    What is the rule when players did not play on scheduled matches?

  8. it over? ya_boy_Agent

    No, we have 2 options, to continue the current or start team matches

  9. it over? JiangoFett

    Since no one is playing, are we done?

  10. please help ! a technical problem ... ya_boy_Agent

    im sorry, go report to lichess about this problem, we have no control.

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