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Lewiston High School Chess Club TEAM

Welcome to the chess club, here we may discuss our ideas, chat and have fun.
Location: Lewiston, ME

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  1. To make progress. Nvhresvbarewlo

  2. To make progress. Necrophobic_Ghost

    This may be easier to read if you go to the original study

  3. To make progress. Necrophobic_Ghost


  4. To make progress. Nvhresvbarewlo

  5. To make progress. Necrophobic_Ghost

    @nvhresvbarewlo post your games here, simply copy and paste the link that you want me to analyze and I will have access to the move tables as well. You should play against randoms and stockfish once y

  6. Practice Dino960

    @roryjade @jradigan @horsey_bella @pewdseptiplier6

  7. Practice Dino960

    The second study was foreverweak's analysis.

  8. Practice Dino960

  9. Practice Dino960 Here is my analysis.

  10. Practice Dino960

    I may put together studies and some of them may be with the help of my other friends on lichess. I'm making them so it will become easier for you to play chess and to understand the ways to play.

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