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kostasvl's Official Group TEAM

Join this group to organise simul's or help the group with your tournament point's to rise the top . Everyone is welcome to this group .
Location: International

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  1. Inactive kostasvl

    Hello everyone. This group is kind of inactive lately. How are you?

  2. Team Blitz Championship kostasvl

    I want to join !

  3. Team Blitz Championship kostasvl

    Hello everyone ! The new event for this team will be a team blitz championship . Time control will be 3+2 and each team will have 4 basic players and some subtitutes if they want to . I will also p

  4. Deathmatch : DAAL vs kostasvl kostasvl

    The deathmatch will start at Wednesday August 1st . The time will be 08:00 UTC . Everyone is welcome to spectate and comment the matches .

  5. Deathmatch : DAAL vs kostasvl kostasvl

    Hello everyone . The new event that will take place next week is a deathmatch , a series of games , that I will play with DAAL . The amount of games and the time controls are these : 4x 10+0 6x 5+3

  6. Crazybullet shield kostasvl

    This shield was completed with 17 active participators and the winner of the shield is @captainkyan . Congratulations @captainkyan ! Here are the standings of top 5 players : 1)CaptainKyan 36 point

  7. Time Control blekitka

    Rapid 10 + 5

  8. Time Control kostasvl

    Hello guys . I made this forum because I would like to know which time control is your favourite . What I would like you to answer at first is which of these 5 you prefer : Ultrabullet , Bullet , Bli

  9. Crazybullet shield kostasvl

    Here are the links of the tournament : Good luck . I put a day that there are no other shields and the time that al

  10. Crazybullet shield kostasvl

    Here is the link of the idea posted in the general forum .

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