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For anybody who loves chess!!!!!!
Location: South Korea

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  1. Make KING"S BISHOP a really good team! Y5B2014Calla

    Daily Quote of the Day!: (April 10th, 2015) "A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is required to become a great chess player." - Bobby Fischer, World Chess Champion.

  2. Chess Club Y5B2014Calla

    Hello, and it's dababa once again. This is only for SFBS students; sorry outstanders, with tournament winners, players, games, etc! Thanks Dababa (Bystanders are free to look to. :)

  3. Q&As Y5B2014Calla

    Hello, and its Dababa once again. This is a Q&As forum, so feel free to ask any chess questions. Thanks P.S. Usually answered in days, so check the blog!! :) (Ours)

  4. Make KING"S BISHOP a really good team! Y5B2014Calla

    And daily quotes from famous chess players.

  5. Make KING"S BISHOP a really good team! Y5B2014Calla

    Calla here, a.k.a dababa. After looking at some of the greatest lichess teams, with over 25,000 tournament points, I thought, "Hey. Even if we don't get up to 10,000, let's make KING"S BISHOP as go


    Hi guys! I am Y5Bcalla, A.K.A dababa. If you LOVE sports, please join the team ILUVSPORTS . Thanks! P.S. Even if you join my team, please keep up the work with KING"S BISHOP!

  7. The new update Y5B2014Calla

    Against Stockfish, I meant. :)

  8. The new update Y5B2014Calla

    Well, I find it quite annoying that we have to press <esc> and all that sort of things. They could improve it by you can press the space bar, why the <esc> key?! Just saying. Anyways, I think they

  9. Horde Chess Y5B2014Calla Plus, you can go over 50 moves, even 100!

  10. Horde Chess dababa