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Alle die King of the Hill mögen. Habt Spaß! Tägliche KotH Arena immer 22:00 Londonzeit. Nächste Termine:
17.03.20 King of the shild 16:00 UK Zeit, 18.02.20 Wöchentliches KotH 19:00 UK Zeit, 1. April Monatliches KotH 20:00, 21. April KotH Shild 17:00, 29.04.20 Monatliches KotH 20:00.

All who like King of the Hill. Have fun! Daily KotH Arena always 10pm London time next arenas: 17th of March: KotH Shild 4pm, 18th of March Weekly KotH 7pm, 1st of April Monthly KotH 8pm, 21th of April KotH Shild 5pm and 29th of April Monthly KotH 8pm.

All times are UK times.
Location: Germany, World