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J--P Friends/ Fan CLUB TEAM

This club is for members who are friends with me J--P, or fan of my chess skills! We talk many chess related topics such has Openings, chess tactics, etc... Thank you
Location: LICHESS

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  1. Happy New Year tournament Vgoran

    You too

  2. Happy New Year tournament WildChess04

    For start well the New Year 2018! Join the 6 hours full tournament, password is: HappyNewYear

  3. J--P Friends/ Fan CLUB forum J--p

    happy new year all!! may your dreams come true n best happen best wishes... J--P

  4. J--P Friends/ Fan CLUB forum J--p

    hello!!! this a game I played this shows how to checkmate opponent with a rook n king! here what you do is cancel the black's king by moving your king forward also c

  5. J--P Friends/ Fan CLUB forum J--p

    Hello all Friends/fans thx for joining my club!, really appreciate your support again! thanks for your support, if anyone has any topics to discus don't hesitate I am always there to support you!

  6. J--P Friends/ Fan CLUB forum lichess

    Welcome to the J--P Friends/ Fan CLUB forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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