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indian TEAM

सभी भारतीय बन्धुओ से अनुरोध है कि अपनी इस भारतीय टीम का हिस्सा अवश्य बनें। धन्यवाद।
Location: india

Forum (14)

  1. Why should we sambi

    What do we benefit from the team

  2. Why should we sambi

    What do we benefit from the team

  3. About myself SarthakSharma

    I'm Sarthak Sharma, from uttarakhand, 19yrs old

  4. pune forking_looser

    is there a chess club at pune for just playing

  5. How can we benefit from Team? lekhrajprasad

    I recently joined few teams but I don't understand what is the use of joining teams. Is there there any team vs team or anything ?

  6. Players from Delhi NCR Niceguy_in

    I am in Gurgaon too ....

  7. Players from Delhi NCR anshusharma1983

    I am looking for local presence .Are there any players from Delhi NCR? I stay in Gurgaon

  8. JOIN US Hotdogbuns

    Let them join what's the harm?

  9. JOIN US startresisting23

    what about nonindian who play indian?

  10. indian forum startresisting23

    Is playing indian openings ok as well?

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