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140 members

IM penguingim1 team TEAM

Everybody can join. We are fair playing players and we do not brag. We have fun. We are competitive players and fun players. Also join IM penguinim1 fan club team!

Forum (13)

  1. team fire7

    please join my team :)

  2. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ars_S

    @fire7 @Ars_S

  3. my new blog Claner

  4. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! fire7


  5. Hello! Ars_S

    Hello! I am new in this team! @Ars_S @penguingim1

  6. Progress in Chess chess11996

    Hello How does a chess player Can make rapid progress

  7. !!!!!!!!!! masterintraning2 so happy! holy crap!

  8. I frogotten my password penguin100

    pls join my new club --------------------------_________________________________---------------------------- -------------------------_________________ penguin rock 2--------------------------

  9. IM penguingim1 team forum GM penguingim1


  10. IM penguingim1 team forum lichess

    Welcome to the IM penguingim1 team forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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