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You'll find in this blog my approach to atomic chess. I'll share my thought processes, how I perceive positions, and some tips on improving. Sometimes you'll also get opening lines, endgame analysis, or just the odd rambling.

I hope you'll enjoy playing atomic chess!

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  1. [AWC 2017] Semi-finals Illion

    I am completely keeping up with the pattern of being one match late. Arka50 has beaten FeegLood 6-2 without losing a single game, thanks to four draws, the most in any match thus far. After upsetti

  2. [AWC 2017] Round 4 preview Illion

    The quarterfinals are here! In the round of 8, once again two participants have already completed their match before I could post: - 4th seed pashpash demolishes 12th seed Illion 6-0. The three

  3. [AWC 2017] Round 2 results Illion

    Round 2 of the AWC has ended (a week ago in fact), and here are the results! Once again I apologise for the delay - there were even more games than in Round 1 to analyse! >> See all 88 games of Ro

  4. [AWC 2017] Round 3 preview Illion

    Once again some participants have got the march on the rest of the field, and two results are already in: - 4th seed pashpash sweeps away pablito1970 by 6-0. - 6th seed moustruito and (the underse

  5. [AWC 2017] Round 2 preview Illion

    Round 2 of the 2017 Atomic World Championship is already underway, and the first results are in. - MathNetaji advances as dnowchess forfeits - The upper seeds tipau, pashpash, moustruito and FeegL

  6. [AWC 2017] Round 1 results Illion

    Round 1 of the AWC has concluded, and here are the results! I'm slightly behind on all this because there were a lot of matches to collate and analyse; it'll get better as the rounds progress. >>

  7. Atomic WC 2017 Illion

    The Atomic World Championships 2017 is underway! This is the second year that tipau is organising this tournament. With 44 participants there will be six rounds held in a single elimination bracket. P

  8. Solutions to last week's problems Illion

    This week is just a quick update with the solution to last week's problems. How well did you do? The first position wasn't hard insofar as calculations go, but relies more on the ability to see the

  9. Pawnitisation breaking Illion

    ==>> Pawnitisation breaking <<== Last week I discussed the fundamentals of pawnitisation - make your opponent's bishop useless by putting your pawns on the opposite colour. It lets you draw if you'

  10. Pawnitisation - the bad bishop Illion

    ==>> Pawnitisation <<== Only half the chessboard is ever available to a bishop, the other half forever off-limits. The poor bishop vacillates between its allowed squares, while the enemy pieces tau

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