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Iggy's All Variant Team TEAM

Tournament points: 27,510

Team leader: Hey_Grandma

Best players

  1. V2chess
  2. Kovr1k_N1ce
  3. Lesau
  4. gmaengle
  5. Hey_Grandma
  6. yagizdayoglu

Recent members

I help all variants, hence the name. Also accept all variants too.
Location: Earth (Maybe even the Moon has astronauts that play chess on phones)

Forum (3)

  1. FIDE rules of chess (chess is a sport too) Hey_Grandma

    Stalemates are when 1 team cannot move at all because their King and other pieces are stuck.

  2. FIDE rules of chess (chess is a sport too) Hey_Grandma

    White moves first, followed by Black. The initial position of 1 side is mirrored by the other. The pieces go in this order in variants that are standard and others that have the exact same position bu

  3. Iggy's All Variant Team forum lichess

    Welcome to the Iggy's All Variant Team forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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