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I want to be 2500+ TEAM

A group for anyone aspiring to be 2500+ we will struggle together :)
Location: USA

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  1. rickrenegade

  2. rickrenegade

  3. Road to 2500+ Puzzles raphdel2007

    I'm only 1500 Blitz 1500 Rapid and i've got 2000 in tactic ...

  4. Road to 2500+ Puzzles Vycm

    My peak is about 2300, but idk it will take at least a year for me to be 2500 in tactics. Its real hard after 2300

  5. Road to 2500+ Puzzles AcademicNinja99

    @yichen I say that you're not 2400 blitz :P

  6. Road to 2500+ Puzzles yichen

    @AcademicNinja99 He is a streamer and IM. He is 3107 puzzles but only 2400 blitz what do u comment on that now. HUH?

  7. Road to 2500+ Puzzles Kwanghis

    Well I do use stock fish analysis but there are certain restrictions so that I don’t use it for just rating points first what I do is get myself to a point where you’re rating points are in a halfway

  8. Road to 2500+ Puzzles AcademicNinja99

    @yichen But unfortunately I can't trust that you're telling the truth :P I once used that method to get a puzzles rating of over 2300. The only reason I didn't go higher was because I got bored

  9. Road to 2500+ Puzzles yichen

    @AcademicNinja99 But unfortunately I didn't. I am just good at tactics my is also 3000+

  10. Road to 2500+ Puzzles AcademicNinja99

    @yichen You might have just checked out the game links and then the Stockfish analysis to solve all those puzzles :P

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