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I want to be 2000+ TEAM

A group for anyone aspiring to be 2000+

We will struggle together :)

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  1. Practice games rickrenegade

    I haven't got the attention span for longer games anymore to be honest. But I will review games if you like or will play quicker games if you want to, (casual only). You have nice progression stat

  2. Practice games Globglogabgalab

    I'm pretty far from 2000 ( 1700s ) but I would like to know if anyone would like to play some practice classical games. 20+30 or 30+20 would be slow enough. If your interested message me and we can

  3. rickrenegade

  4. Games total. rickrenegade

    20,000 Games now. :)P but still plateauing and not improving. :(

  5. Almost there rickrenegade

    Hey man, congratulations! I can see you've got yourself over the line.

  6. Almost there sausage4mash

    1999 on correspondence chess ,so close I can taste it. not sure if correspondence counts :) anyway I can highly recommend correspondence for anyone who wants to improve, I've definitely learned a few

  7. Marathon. rickrenegade

    I will be playing the Marathon on 7th July for 24 hours straight! I have tried to get top 100 before and been very close. But after 20 hours, every game becomes a war with endless titled players an

  8. 2000s rickrenegade

    Thank you @Spartako they are shiny. :)

  9. 2000s Spartako

    Joined the group just to say: FINALLY, congrats on your shiny ratings! lol Reference: But seriously, you are impressive.

  10. 2000s rickrenegade

    Today I announce I have completed the full set of 2000s in - Ultrabullet - Bullet - Blitz - Rapid - Classical - Correspondence Goal achieved!!!

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