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60 members

I want to be 2000+ TEAM

A group for anyone aspiring to be 2000+

We will struggle together :)

Forum (34)

  1. Games total. rickrenegade

    20,000 Games now. :)P but still plateauing and not improving. :(

  2. Almost there rickrenegade

    Hey man, congratulations! I can see you've got yourself over the line.

  3. Almost there sausage4mash

    1999 on correspondence chess ,so close I can taste it. not sure if correspondence counts :) anyway I can highly recommend correspondence for anyone who wants to improve, I've definitely learned a few

  4. Marathon. rickrenegade

    I will be playing the Marathon on 7th July for 24 hours straight! I have tried to get top 100 before and been very close. But after 20 hours, every game becomes a war with endless titled players an

  5. 2000s rickrenegade

    Thank you @Spartako they are shiny. :)

  6. 2000s Spartako

    Joined the group just to say: FINALLY, congrats on your shiny ratings! lol Reference: But seriously, you are impressive.

  7. 2000s rickrenegade

    Today I announce I have completed the full set of 2000s in - Ultrabullet - Bullet - Blitz - Rapid - Classical - Correspondence Goal achieved!!!

  8. Craziest game ever played by anyone. rickrenegade

  9. rickrenegade

    nah it's just a name lol.

  10. ALEX183492761

    so if someone are 2000+ he will be kicked?!

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