How to Attract a Decent Californian Man (in 3 Easy Steps)

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No matter how cynical women become when it comes to relationships and dating, it is a fact that there are still lots of decent men everywhere. Then again, it’s tough to blame some of us for having a negative attitude about dating. After all, we are mostly basing it on our own experiences, right? Those experiences involved a few too many jerks who just broke our hearts in the end.  Deep down inside, however, most of us are still hoping to finally find the right guy; someone who will treat us right and be an overall decent guy. We just need to know how to find a decent man! Well, here are tips on how to attract a decent man (in just 3 easy steps).

Adjust the Attitude

One of the first things women need to know about finding a good California bride ( is that they should adjust that attitude towards men. They must believe deep down that there are still good men out there, and that there are decent guys out there just for them. Believing that all men are liars and cheaters manifests in the way you act towards men, and that will certainly not attract decent men, or even any kind of man at all. A positive attitude in all things always helps, the subject of men included.

Adjust the Appearance

You should also take care of your appearance. Men, as it has been said countless times before, are visual creatures. Looking good always gets the attention of guys, whether good or bad. Just make sure that you look good in a way that can be described as decent. Wearing too much makeup or skimpy clothing only makes you look cheap, and you will certainly attract the wrong kind of men that way. Put on just the right amount of makeup, wear your hair nice, and dress up in clothing that will accentuate your best features.

Adjust the Self-Image

To find a decent man, you also have to be a decent woman. You won’t be attracting decent men if you have a reputation for anything that is remotely negative. No man in his right mind would ever think about wooing a woman who has a reputation for being, as William Shakespeare so eloquently put it, a “shrew”. After all, unless they are some kind of masochist, nice men also want their women nice. It also pays to not have a reputation for sleeping around. Nothing drives a decent man away more than the perception that a woman is promiscuous to a certain degree. If anything, what a woman with that reputation attracts is more jerks who are there just for the party, if you know what we mean.

You also have to let it be known to everyone that you are available. More often than not, decent men tend to be just a bit shy when it comes to women, and they need all the assurance they can get that you are indeed back on the market, that they will not be stepping on someone else’s toes. If your friends set you up with somebody, then go out with them. Unless your friends secretly hate you, they will certainly set you up with a guy who they know to be a decent man.