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GM Team(grand master team) TEAM

If you're a chess master or Grand master, you can join because we can blow the other teams and be number 1.♕♕♕♕♕☺☻☺☺☻.♖♘♗♔♕♗♘♖♙ ♜♞♝♛♚♝♞♜♟
Location: USA( United States of America)

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  1. Where are you? Quynn1

    Thank you German11, you are very active. You're doing a good job, I'm very happy we have you, I miss Tiger.

  2. Where are you? Quynn1

    Oh No! How do you know? I'm very sad. :(

  3. Where are you? Black_Bishop

    tigerGM is dead

  4. GM Team(grand master team) forum muhammad

    where are you!

  5. Where are you? Quynn1

    Does anyone know where tigerGM went?

  6. Help! Quynn1

    Has any one seen tigerGM! He's been missing for 14 days!

  7. Where are you? muhammad

    you i can

  8. Where are you? Quynn1

    I have been playing lichess everyday,but I don't see you. Today, I went on your profile and you haven't played for 6 days! Please come back I miss you tigerGM. Where are you?

  9. Hey!! tigerGM Quynn1

    I made a new team called the tournament player team, I figured more people could join than the GM team we're going to be in 2 teams!

  10. GM Team(grand master team) forum Quynn1

    In chess on the computer, it will never end because you fight different wars if you lose, you still get to play.

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