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Ghostqiuyu and friends TEAM

Those who know me and are my friends can join. ONLY.
Location: Montreal

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  1. McGill Rapid on May 5! whogeeyao

    Hey guys! Come to McGill Saturday May 5 to play a rapid :)

  2. bonjour,je suis quelqu'un qui va... Pody

    essayer de deviner mon nom

  3. Invitation to McGill Rapid whogeeyao

    only if you are not playing in the ligue elite du dimanche! commitments to your team first

  4. allo tristan2006

    dans la ligue

  5. allo tristan2006

    bonjour tous le monde et je suis tristan

  6. Invitation to McGill Rapid whogeeyao

    Hey guys! You're all invited to this year's McGill Open, which will be a 5-round, 25min+5s semi-rapid on Sat, April 29. First round at 11am For more information and registration, check out our site:

  7. Am I acepted? BESERKING123

    BUT FIRST WHO ARE YOU?(i forgot:( )

  8. Am I acepted? whogeeyao

    no you are not accepted

  9. Am I acepted? Ghostqiuyu

    Yes.Can I ask what your name is? Have we met in real life?

  10. Am I acepted? PrairiesDevil

    I am Richard's friend could I become a full member?

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